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I Want You To Know How Amazing It Is, Mama


You’ve endured so much and have come so far.

Perhaps motherhood isn’t what you expected.

Whether you’ve experienced the NICU, lost a child, no matter what journey you are on, remember how amazing you are.

I want you to know,

How amazing it is for all you did and do to protect your child.

How amazing it is you fought for their life, even if it put yours in jeopardy.

How amazing it is you continue to put one foot in front of the other.

How amazing it is you smile even if there’s pain behind your eyes.

How amazing it is you keep showing up, in spite of it all.

How amazing it is how your strength comes out when you feel the weakest.

How amazing it is how deeply you love and fight for your baby.

Mama, I want you to know how amazing you are - every day.

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