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Wanting to find the joy, hope, and excitement, but you're watching them fight for their life

When we think about parenthood, we think about the perfect pregnancy and birthing journey.

The tears of joy and excitement to hold your baby immediately after birth.

The moment of bliss at the first family moment with you and your spouse staring at your perfect newborn.

Family and friends celebrating, congratulating, and holding your newborn with smiles.

NICU parenthood looks much different. The pregnancy and birthing journey doesn't go as planned.

It's watching your child be whisked away to perform life-saving measures.

It's not being able to have that first family moment as soon as they're born.

It's friends and family anxiously awaiting an update on survival and prognosis.

It's smiling when you first set eyes on your baby, while tears flowing down your cheeks.

It is wanting to find the joy, hope, and excitement with your newborn baby, but you're watching them fight for their life.

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