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Having your child in the NICU is a very overwhelming and emotional experience. As 3x NICU parents, we've collected resources we've personally used and vetted for you. Giving birth to a micro-preemie at 24 weeks gave us no time to even wrap our heads around the journey we were embarking on. A million questions ran through our heads. While we each have a unique journey, I wanted to grasp an understanding of the NICU experience and the journey ahead. I spent hours sitting next to our first son and searching to find guidance, and we knew the NICU was in our future with our second. Our hope is to take the burden off of you and provide you with the resources that helped us most.



As Family & Friends, your loved ones need you more than you know, you are their support system. Our hope is that by sharing our experiences, we can help you support a family member or friend.




Finding support and learning about the grieving process is a challenge, and you may not have the energy to search. My hope is to take the burden of searching off of you by providing the resources that have helped us the most. As lonely as you probably feel right now, remember you are not alone.

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