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NICU Parents

Having your child in the NICU is a very overwhelming and emotional experience. Giving birth to a micro-preemie at 24 weeks gave us no time to even wrap our heads around the journey we were embarking on. The tubes, the wires, the machines… how do you get past that? What do you do? Where do you start? How do you manage? What is the journey going to be like? How much time do I spend with him each day? How am I going to balance home, work and visiting the NICU? A million questions ran through my head.

While we each have a unique journey, I wanted to grasp an understanding of the NICU experience and the journey ahead. I spent hours sitting next to Carter and searching to find guidance, our hope is to take the burden off you and provide you with the resources that helped us most.


**We have exciting resources and partnerships underway to provide NICU families with one location for all of your resources.**


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