Carter's Cause is proud to partner with the below organizations to provide discounts on gifts for parents in the NICU or those who have lost a child

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Promptly Journals

WRITE YOUR OWN STORY | We believe in the power of writing to bring healing, peace, clarity, and connection to our lives. The best way to honor your unique stories and relationships is to record them. We're here to help.


Featuring miscarriage, grief, emotions, postpartum journals and many others.

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Every Tiny Thing

Every Tiny Thing creates specialty NICU gifts that bring joy to families with babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. 

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The Cooper Project

The Cooper Project provides handmade necklaces to mothers who have lost a child through stillbirth or infant loss, and NICU mamas. 

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Small But Mighty

Small But Mighty serves as an inspirational book for mothers to read to their premature babies. It not only validates their feelings of fear and uncertainty, but celebrates the incredibly special bond shared between a mother and her preemie. 

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Josiah & Co

Josiah+co booties are the perfect, soft-soled booties for beginner walkers. They come in a variety of styles and colors, sure to match any outfit. 

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Sharing Solace

Sharing Solace is a community of grievers for grievers. Utilizing a locket & token system, it provides a token to keep your sentimental memories with you always and a locket to symbolically release that ‘heavy on your heart’ grief.

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Me Two Books

MeTwo Books creates children's books that celebrate what makes each child wonderfully unique. The self- funded and self-published books are characterized by rhythmic rhyming text and colorful charming illustrations. 

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The NICU Beard Club - Enter the NICU

Enter The NICU has been written by past NICU Dads for current and future NICU Dads and is based on real experiences and practical solutions to negotiate the NICU environment. Author Radford M White is the original owner of the material and IP.

Click here to access a PDF on the first 72 hours (NICU Navigation Guide).


Click here to purchase the book on

Finn & Co

Keeping you close, even when you're apart. Finn the Panda was developed to help comfort babies and children during hospital stays, as well as to foster the bond between them and their caregivers, even when they have to be apart. 

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One Little Cub

 A shop focused on small baby inspired bodysuits. Clothing that is simple for Babies to wear yet, inspiring to Parents all at the same time.

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From Mini to Moose

A company founded around the NICU community, From Mini to Moose is a unique shop founded by two NICU Moms looking to help other parents and families within the NICU Community.

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Grieve. Breathe. Believe.

As a bereaved mom, Lisa Price found herself on her own personal grief journey of rediscovery after the death of her infant daughter, Ari. She created Grieve. Breathe. Believe. with a mission to provide support for bereaved parents who feel stuck and overwhelmed as they navigate their grief journey.  In her convenient do at your own pace online course, her members find forward movement through grief education, holistic wellness, community & connection. Honoring their life to honor their child.

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Dear Millie

The parents of Millie Grace, who was stillborn on June 6, 2018 heard so many times from friends and family "There's no card for this". Their mission is to change that and provide cards appropriate for pregnancy and infant loss in memory of their firstborn daughter.

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The Noble Paperie

Paper products made with love by a Mama, for Mamas.

Our mission is to spread joy and hope to those with a mama’s heart: who are struggling through miscarriage, infertility, and other pregnancy-related issues. We believe that becoming a mother starts when you prepare your heart to have children—not the actual manifestation of a child. Our paper products are designed with love and care to support, advocate for, and inspire a community to live with joy through the journey.

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NICU Book Club

The NICU Book Club is a group that gives each baby in the NICU one book a month. This provides opportunities for learning, bonding and comfort for families in the NICU. 

Click on Image to find out how to donate or request a book.


Our shop was created after our two losses, to support and send love to parents who have faced the loss of a pregnancy and/or child. We also strive to provide the loved ones of bereaved parents with gift options to send in honor of these precious babies. 

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Fourth Trimester Mama

Fourth Trimester Mama is on a mission to celebrate and support new mothers everywhere. Our line of affirmation cards helps the newly postpartum mom find her bearings, emotionally, as she navigates the first few months of motherhood - whatever that looks like.  Shop affirmation cards for new moms, breastfeeding moms, and NICU moms.

Use Code CARTERSCAUSE to receive 20% off your purchase.

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