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There Aren't Enough Words to Say "Thank You"

You sat with us during the absolute worst and the best moments of our life.

You fought for our boys to live.

You cried with us when we lost our first son and cried with us when we brought our second home.

You cared for us as if we were your own family.

You fought with me when I felt helpless.

You let me be angry, you let me be sad, you made me smile, you made me laugh.

You reminded me I was doing a great job every minute that passed of keeping him in my belly.

You were a part of every single step from the moment we were rushed in still pregnant with our first son, and still are.

You made sure we always had food and something to drink.

You were by our side to celebrate every milestone.

You sent love notes and prayers from behind the scenes when medications were delivered.

You wiped my tears when we took one step forward and five steps back.

You held my hand when I was scared.

You listened to me even when I didn’t even know what I was trying to say, I just needed an ear.

You checked on our son every single shift, even if he wasn’t assigned to you or you are with L&D.

You lifted me up.

You taught me how to care for a human who wasn’t supposed to be out in the world.

You reminded us it was okay that we were not sitting in the NICU 24/7 - you were there.

You celebrated bringing our second son home with us.

You cared for and loved my boys - my entire world.

You became family.

To the entire care team, there aren’t words to describe the impact you have made on our life.

Today and every day - from the bottom of my heart and my husband’s, thank you.

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