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Dear NICU Mama

Dear NICU Mama,

You can be so grateful for what you have in front of you and still grieve what could have been.

It's okay to find gratitude for the child in your arms while grieving the one in your heart. It’s okay to be thankful for your living child’s milestones and grieve the milestones you will not experience with your child who isn’t physically here.

There are times you may feel torn between being grateful and wondering about all of the could-have-beens. Give yourself grace, mama. Allow yourself to feel whatever it is you’re feeling, and allow yourself to grieve the memories you long to have.

Remember to also be in the moment when you can while meeting milestones and making memories with your child on earth. You don’t want to miss out on them - you have a miracle in front of you.

Mama, it’s okay to be grateful and grieving with a child on earth and a child in heaven. When you find it hard to be grateful during the tough times, remember that some of the little things are in fact some of big things: Like touching those perfect, tiny toes.”

(written by Justina for Dear NICU Mama)

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