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Our Goal & Vision

To help with your journey

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Carter's Cause Foundation was created in honor of our son Carter

to support others going through the NICU or loss journey. 


In 2019 we experienced preterm labor twice, PPROM twice, 3 NICU journeys,

79 days on bed rest, an emergency c-section, loss of our firstborn, bringing home a preemie, parenting after loss, and all of the emotions that come during and after these experiences.


Our hope is to help NICU parents navigate the difficult journey ahead, provide resources to parents who have experienced the unimaginable loss of a child, and resources for family and friends who don't know what to do for a loved one who has just lost a child. Carter's Cause is being created to do just that and more.

If we could hold the hand of everyone experiencing loss or the NICU journey, we would.


Articles & Blogs

"What we have once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, for all that we love deeply becomes a part of us."

- Helen Keller

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