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Tomorrow, You'll Be One

Tomorrow, you’ll be one.

Sweet boy, where has time gone?

It feels like yesterday I was on bed rest with you.

It feels like yesterday we didn’t know if we would lose you, too.

It feels like yesterday we were watching you fight in the NICU.

It feels like yesterday you finally came home.

It feels like yesterday you smiled, lifted your head, rolled over, sat up, crawled, threw a ball, and stood for the first time.

It feels like yesterday you hugged me for the first time.

Yesterday, you reached out to grab and hug your big brother’s stuffed animal at bed time, I smiled and shed a tear.

While all of this feels like yesterday, it has happened over 364 days.

It’s true when they says the days are long, but the years are short.

So, today I will giggle at the new goofy thing you do.

Today I will take that big bear hug you give me with all of your love.

Today I will soak in every moment of having you here with me, as I always do.

Today I will remember to cherish all of you because today will be yesterday tomorrow.

And tomorrow you’ll be one.

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