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The Perfect Beginning

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Justina & Dan

September 3rd, 2018 quickly became the best day of our lives – the day we found out I was pregnant. Dan and I have been together for 11 years, married for 10 years this May. I’ve had severe endometriosis since I was 18 years old, had been to more doctors than I could count, and 5 surgeries. We were numbed to the fact that we were told over and over that we would not be able to have a child, or it would be extremely difficult. We decided to move forward with a more intense surgery as a last effort in October of 2017 and received an outcome we did not expect – the doctor saw no reason we couldn’t try to conceive. Over the course of the next 11 months, we didn’t really try – if it happened, it happened.

On Friday, September 1st, we went out to sushi for a date night and decided we would start trying. Little did we know, I was already pregnant. I always wondered how I would tell Dan, I’d order or make a cute announcement for him. I couldn’t wait! I’ll never forget the moment I told him and the look on his face. He went out and bought 6 more tests, and I did every one of them – pregnant, yes or two lines on every one of them. We confirmed with our doctor and bloodwork on Wednesday, September 5th – I am definitely pregnant! Words couldn’t explain our excitement, this is truly a miracle for us. I was only about 4.5 weeks pregnant, the size of an apple seed, so we only told our parents and a few close friends. We were both so nervous for a miscarriage, especially after the journey we had been on already being told we couldn’t have kids. Dan called himself the pregnancy police, he knew everything there was about what to do and not do to during the first trimester and we were both so careful. Being pregnant truly was a miracle to us.

Every Saturday Baby Oldehoff turned another week older. As soon as we woke up, I’d read about that week, the size and developments of the baby, and what I should expect. Dan also took a photo of me in the same dress each Saturday so we could see how I was growing. This was my favorite part, watching his smile behind the camera every time. I could see the love in his eyes.

Love at first sight

October 8th was love at first sight, we saw Baby Oldehoff! It became very real. Hearing the heartbeat was incredible.

November 12th we found out… It’s a boy! We couldn’t be happier.  I was so sick for 19 weeks, but it was all worth it seeing our perfect little man and hearing his heartbeat. Everything was perfect at each appointment from the very beginning. His size, his heartbeat, everything.  We found our first home and moved in December, just in time to get the nursery ready. I began to feel him kick and move around, he was strong already and so active especially at dinner time and when it was time for me to go to sleep. We were already 23 weeks, more than halfway to meeting our boy. How did we get so lucky? We were so in love already. 2019 was going to be an amazing year.

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