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I Had a Dream and You Were There, My Love

I had a dream and you were there, my love.

Your little brother was standing in his crib, it was bright and early and there you were - standing behind him with your hand on his shoulder.

You smiled as he looked back at you with love in his eyes.

I woke up taking deep breaths filled with both pain and love.

You were there, protecting your little brother.

It made my heart full to see you two together.

And then, reality hit me.

Your little brother will never have a chance to meet you, know you, or grow up alongside you.

I will cherish the moment and the gift you’ve given us. The moment served as a reminder that you are with us each day, you always have been, and you always will be.

Until we meet again, my love 🌙

(Photo credit: unknown)

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