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48 Hours. We Made It.

11am on Sunday, it's been 48 hours - the big milestone we needed to make had arrived. The magnesium had run the full course, I received the second steroid, and I finished antibiotics. The 48 hour milestone came with many feelings and thoughts. It was so important we hit that milestone for Carter's health and development. This was a day full of anxiety and the scary part, how long can we maintain this? There was a glimmer of hope because we've passed the "danger zone". But we knew deep down that anything could happen at this point. We woke up to the doctor in the room and our nurse had tears in her eyes, we all knew now that we've reached this milestone the magnesium would have to stop soon. They kept the epidural in but stopped the medication, and only kept me on fluids. It wasn't healthy for me to stay on the magnesium much longer, especially with my oxygen levels and there isn't a known benefit to continue long term.

Dan went home for the first time to take a shower, he needed a break away and I wanted him to have that moment. We were moved from my original room 316 into a larger labor and delivery room prepping for me to stay longer, but we needed to be ready for labor at any moment. Sirina was our night nurse Friday and Saturday and Kristin was our day nurse Saturday and Sunday. We requested they were our nurses whenever they were working. There are no words to thank them. I've never seen more care, compassion and love. Thank God for them these last 48 hours, they were our angels during some of the toughest moments of our lives. Kristin and Sirina comforted me when I cried, listened when we needed it, and they were very in tune with our emotional roller coaster. Kristin knew I was feeling gross after being in a bed for two days and gave me a bath with wash clothes, even washed my hair. Our nurses did anything they could to be there for us in the most challenging time of our lives.

Now we continue to wait… for a miracle to not go into labor. Our milestones continued. Noon. 6pm. Midnight. We were so scared, but those milestones gave us something to hold on to. Dan received a cot to sleep on near me, we both slept a few hours, and the family went home to sleep Sunday night. Up until this point, Dan and I had maybe 4 hours of sleep in 48 hours. The emotional rollercoaster continued. x I continued to give Carter pep talks, singing to him, and we continued watching the monitors so close.

How could we sleep? What will tomorrow bring? Am I strong enough to keep this going?

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